Our service

Research conditions:


◼ Equipped with: Dad, CAD, rid, ELSD, UV and other detectors, research quality:

◼ The authenticity, integrity and traceability of data are good at work and advantages

◼ Analysis of original research and formulation of research scheme

◼ Development and validation of analytical methods (especially multicentric drugs)

◼ Formulation of impurity control strategy (especially study on genotoxic impurities)

◼ Establishment of quality standards

◼ Writing of CTD data


We ensure that all products are developed and produced according to GMP regulations.

QA works cover raw material selection, production, packaging, and delivery of the final products.

Development and validation analytical methods.


     Safety production

     Environment protection  

     Profession health


We have a strong capability of R&D so that we can provide customers with a variety of special products ranging from grams to kilograms and tons. 

We can handle the reaction ranging from -100℃ to 300℃. The capability of R&D is our core competitiveness. 

We maintain high investment in R&D every year.


 500 L – 8,000 L reactors and complete auxiliary facilities including filtration, drying and others.

Onsite QA and QC support to guarantee the product quality.

Standardize waste disposal to eliminate potential environmental safety hazards.